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Côtes du Rhône, Cuvée Bonheur rouge 2022:

“A cuvée that always features prominently in the guide, and that once again deserves its place. The very sunny vintage meant that we had to pick early (August 20) to preserve its youthful, fruity character. This tempting 2022 has it all, with its lively nose of violets, cooked redcurrants and menthol, and a sculptural palate that’s both velvety and taut, with its deliciously liquorice chew, tender tannins and unstoppable freshness. A work of goldsmith and great promise in the cellar.”

Côtes du Rhône, Cuvée Bonheur Blanc 2022:

“With its unbridled nose of mimosa, honeysuckle, dried apricot and garrigue, it seems that each of the three grape varieties – Grenache Blanc, Roussanne and Viognier – present in equal measure, has found a way to express itself. These enticing aromas are echoed on the round, full-bodied, suave palate, well in tune with the vintage. Generous and sunny, this cuvée is perfect for the table, with a veal chop with morel mushrooms, for example.

Lirac rouge, Cuvée Elie 2021:

“Accustomed to honors, the domaine hits the nail on the head again with this Grenache-dominated Lirac, devilishly concentrated and perfectly aged. The nose, already melted and beautifully complex, hesitates between pan-fried blackberry, leather, garrigue and smoky notes. The silky-smooth tannins melt into a rich, velvety body offering a lovely chewy, warm-stone flavor. Already tasty, it should be opened in advance to benefit from its remarkable aromatic expression”.

Lirac rouge 2021:

“After 12 months’ ageing in casks, this youthful-looking cuvée still bears the purplish tints of youth. Discreet, a little austere, the nose reveals notes of Sichuan pepper, rosemary and menthol. Then the fruit (raspberry) comes through on the fresh, finely sculpted palate, with firm tannins that still need polishing. Time will do the rest.

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